India is a vast south Asian country which consist of 29 states and 7 seven union territories.These are further subdivided into districts and smaller divisions. It has ancient valuable cultures, traditions and amazing people living all over the country.The state of Tamil Nadu, is situated in southern India and it is divided into 32 districts.Tamil nadu has diversified geographical locations and people from all over the world visit as tourist place.


kanyakumari is a coastal town in the state of tamilnadu. It is notable for pilgrimage and tourism.It was ruled by cholas,pandiyas,and nayaks. After that it was ruled by king of Travancore under the authority of  british rule till the independence 1947. Most widely used language is Tamil, Malayalam, english. It is popular for national and international tourists. It has variety of tourist spots where the  visitors can enjoy by staying in  hotels at kanyakumari.


Kanyakumari is one of the most blessed places in the state. It has popular pilgrims spots  of olden temples and churches. The sea side town is famous for being the southern-most tip of the Indian subcontinent and  it has beautiful beach where the waters of the three great seas, the Indian Ocean, The Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea mingle together.Tourists can enjoy the place with low Budget hotels in Kanyakumari.It is the significant site to the nation since it is the gateway to the state of tamilnadu.


Vivekananda Rock Memorial                                                     

It is statue of swami Vivekananda of  133feet tall,was built in 1970.It was constructed in order to honour  him.

 Gandhi memorial

This monument was constructed   as a tribute to the father of the nation-Mahatma Gandhi. It has been built in the traditional style for honoring the great Mahatma, and his ashes are also kept here.

Thiruparappu Waterfalls

This waterfalls makes pleasure for the tourist spots and though it has rock in its riverbeds,it is safe for swimming.


On the full moon days, sunset and sunrise are great to see and worth to experience in this place.

Most of the visitors to Kanyakumari stay here overnight so that they can catch both the  sunrise as well as the sunset. Accommodation is not a problem as there are plenty of good hotels in Kanyakumari

Hotel in Kanyakumari has various amenties provided based on its place which is located. If you are looking for a place with excellent service and amenities, check out hotels through visting various hotel websites.Though the town is comparatively not as modernized as the major cities of the nation, still it is not far in terms of housing finest accommodation facilities for the visitors. The Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff provide world-class amenities and personalized services.

Hotel booking in Kanyakumari  also offers lower budget rate with good amenities.It also provides online booking  facilities with seasonal offers.   




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