Should We retake our GRE?

Retaking GRE or not, it can be decided depending on what you aspire for.

There are different types of universities with endeavor in different streams. Now, it’s your turn. On what stream you want to do masters in, you can take a decision now.

If you are targeting top 20 universities abroad, then you need to make sure that GRE score of yours is 320+ or else you need to have a strong profile to get admission in your dream university, but also, having a score 310+ is mandatory, otherwise, you should retake GRE. For your online GRE preparation use a proper GRE study guide which covers the complete syllabus for GRE.

Another factor that comes in when retaking GRE is location, i.e., from which place you want to complete your masters and another thing is your score equal to the minimum required GRE.

Therefore, a proper analysis of what you want to aim for, and how much score is required for can help you out of this dilemma.

What things to be done differently while preparing to retake GRE?

While retaking GRE, you should be well known about the errors that you committed while preparing for the test first time and try to overcome this.

You need to have a different set of plan for GRE/ GRE study guide, but a concrete one this time, which can make sure you achieve your dream admit. The source of preparation matters the most, so if that was the problem you faced last time, then you need to do a proper analysis of with whom to start your online GRE preparation. The materials that you want to needs to be very close to the GRE Syllabus so that you can have a clear picture of what questions can come in exam and what all areas you have to cover.

In the very last minute, you need to prepare more by taking free GRE practice tests – GRE maths practice tests and GRE verbal practice tests, what this will do is that, it will help you get idea of all the variations that come in exam and how much time you require to solve the same can be analysed, and simultaneously taken care off.

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