Tips for baking the perfect bread

The most important ingredient in all bread recipes is, of course, flour. The flour you choose will depend upon what type of bread you want to make. The quantity of the flour will also depend on the particular variety of flours. While kneading, some flours develop texture and others may rise more during the baking process than other flours. All-purpose of flour is a mix of hard and soft wheat flours, which is the best suitable for baking yeast bread and also quick loaves of bread and cakes.

Take the necessary equipment such as silicone coated parchment paper and molds for baking, as they prevent sticking and cut down on cleaning. Whole-wheat flour should be refrigerated to prevent it from going bad.

Bread flour is high in protein and will give more volume to slices of bread. Dough made with bread with bread flour has to be kneaded longer than dough made from all-purpose flour, in order to develop the best texture.

Yeast can be bought either inactive, dry or in compressed forms. A new quick rising variety of yeast has been developed which makes bread rise in half the normal time. To make sure the yeast is alive,  it needs to be taking too long, add some sugar to haste the process. If the mix is still failing to foam, then the yeast is bad.

Adding eggs to your dough will give, the better rich taste. Add some salt and sugar to the taste. To get soft, you have to add rich crumb and crust, add milk to the mix. If you want a thicker crumb and loaf, add water. Place in a greased bowl and leave it somewhere warm for it to rise. When the dough has risen to at least twice its volume, mold it anyway. Place the loaf in the center of the oven for baking. And remove it by periodically to tap the bottom and check if they are done. Now the bread is ready to serve. The tips will be useful for you bake a perfect cake, to know more about baking refer the following link, Professional Bakery Classes in Chennai, Cake Baking Classes in Chennai.


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