Understanding Automation Anywhere’s Architecture and Their Bots

Automation Anywhere is an established RPA vendor. This tool offers powerful RPA capabilities for automating complex tasks.

Automation Anywhere works across all platforms and provides excellent performance. Automation Anywhere automates processes that are repetitive, rule-based, and manually performed by humans. It is trendy in enterprise-level settings.

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What do bots mean in Automation Anywhere?

Bots mimic human actions and execute repetitive tasks. They follow the instructions in a program and then run them.

In Automation Everywhere, three main bots are used to create processes: Task Bot, Meta Bot, and IQ Bot.

  • Task Bot: It is commonly used. It automates repetitive tasks based on rules, and it is most suitable for structured data.
  • Meta Bots are automated systems that enable scalability through next-generation integration. It is best for measuring complex processes.
  • IQ Bot continuously learns and improves automation processes. It is great for managing fuzzy rules or processing unstructured information.

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Automation Anywhere Architecture

Automation Anywhere employs a distributed architecture. It consists primarily of three components that work together to accomplish tasks —Control Room, Bot Creator, and Bot Runner. It is a web-based system that manages your business. Automating tasks can be done using the control area.

Now let’s examine each of these parts one by one.

Bot Creator – Bot creators are systems for creating bots. These are desktop-based programmes that authenticate the control rooms and are solely responsible for downloading or uploading bots. Multiple users can simultaneously create bots or tasks and execute them.

Bot Runner – The bot runner is responsible for running or executing scheduled bots in Automation Anywhere. Bot Runner can’t create or update Automation, but you can use multiple bots concurrently. You will need to have a Run License to run the bots. This component is connected to the control rooms and can provide information about the execution status.

Control Room – This Control Room is the central component of the Automation Anywhere architecture. It is a web-based service that controls bots made by the bot creator and manages the automation performed by the bot runner. It provides central management by allowing user management, automation deployment, source management, dashboard, and licence management.


Here we discussed the Automation Anywhere bots and architecture. We hope this information is helpful for the readers. If you want to gain knowledge in AA, stick with Automation Anywhere Training in Bangalore for the best training sessions.

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