What are the health and safety procedures that every employee should know?

Almost half of the employees surveyed stated that they have never seen any safety policy documentation, even though they worked in an organization that had a workforce of people.

Only a fraction of the staff was aware of their employer’s fire safety procedure or knew their dedicated health and safety manager or was even clued up on where their workplace first-aid kit was located. It is important that all organizations make certain that their workers are up-to-date with the latest health and safety legislation as this will reduce the risk of injury to employees and potential claims against employers. This lack of safety awareness has been supported by recent statistics from the health and safety executive which shows that more people have been died in the workplace compared to last year.

It is important to remember that some work has experienced the fewest number of deaths on record so that an increase was probably expected. Because of these factors, the employer should concern about the potential for serious injury around the workplace and take steps to remedy any problems or issues. Keeping a record of work-related problems and accidents will help employers to identify any necessary workplace adjustments that need to be made in order to protect employees.

To know about these factors everyone should know about the safety factors and measures. The NEBOSH Course in Chennai will give you more training about the safety precautions and terms to keep the workplace safe. Many employees are concerned that complying with health and safety that will cost them money, but it is more likely that it will save them money in the long-term through reduced instances of staff illness and injury. Safety audit consultants can help organizations make certain they are following all necessary legislation in order to boost productivity and the morale of employees.

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